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Viola player, teacher and coach
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I help violin and viola players play without aches & pains, tendonitis & stage fright

this is a website about music, live music and things related, like teaching music, books about music, problems with music (for musicians...)

Also, this is a website for music lovers, lovers of classical music, concert-goers and non-concert-goers, lovers of folk music as well, aspiring players and advanced players as well as teachers who are looking for some advice (I recommend some good music books).

Here you find a few ideas about about live music performances, concerts, entertainment, violin and viola teaching, music books.

It's for you to enjoy music in all forms.


In this era in which everything is done so well by machines, sometimes I feel people are becoming the machine accessories instead of being vice versa.

I believe live music is the best way to enjoy music, both for the performers and the listeners. Recordings are like a photo of somebody or something you love, they are very good to remind you of them and of the good time, but when you see the living person it's completely different, you feel the emotion, the thrill of the contact, the communication.

It's the same thing with a live performance, be it music or theatre, etc., it makes you really feel the difference, there is a living being communicating with you, right there, there is a special atmosphere, the venue, other people in the audience, the expectation...


Bach, Prélude from Cello suite n.1

Of course, recordings are wonderful to keep a memory of great players, for
the future, we need them, but we can't listen only to

How can you add live music to your life? Go to a concert, have your own private performance, learn to play an instrument and play with others. All these are all very good ways to enjoy music on your own or with friends. Actually, especially playing an instrument in a group is also a very good way to meet a lot of people and make new friends.

See if I can help you, provide you with some live music. Read about my next concerts, workshops, teaching and music books to improve your playing and get in touch.

Enjoy music!

Monica Cuneo helps violin & viola players play free from pain, injuries and stage fright

I help violin & viola players play freely, without pain, injuries and stage fright.
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