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Interesting viola and
other music links

Here you can find some viola links, to learn more about this beautiful instrument. Also some other musical links I find interesting. If you'd like me to add a link to your website, send me a message, I'll consider it. I has to be an information website related to viola, string instruments and not (exclusively) commercial.

Viola in music - The role of viola in music: famous composers, players and much, much more (by the way, it's my creation)

Kató Havas - To learn more about this great teacher and how to make your playing easier and more enjoyable

The home of viola - With mailing lists, databases and other resources for viola players, teachers, lovers and students

PIVA - Primrose International Viola Archive - A thorough collection of William Primrose's own manuscripts, sheet music, recordings, photos, videos and more

David Johnstone English cello player and composer of viola and other string music

Absolute Zero Viola Quartet A quartet composed only of violas! In no way inferior to the usual string quartets

Viola d'amore blog by Mauro Righini, viola and viola d'amore player

Marina Kuznetsova Coventry pianist, accompaniment for recitals, exams, workshops, demo recordings, auditions


Violinisti Sito in italiano sul violino in tutti i suoi aspetti: classica folk, interviste, biografie di violinisti, recensioni di libri, video e un'intervista alla sottoscritta su Kato Havas e il nuovo approccio

violinisti vùvùvù puntocom Sito informativo e divertente sul violino, a cura di apprendisti (come si definiscono) appassionati del violino e della musica, con notizie, curiosità, concerti, video: c'è anche un articolo con video sui libri Kato Havas e il nuovo approccio

La chiave di violino Sito in italiano sugli strumenti ad arco, violino, viola, violoncello: musicisti, concerti, liuteria, spartiti, corsi, recensioni, tra le quali le recensioni dei libri di Kato Havas e il Nuovo Approccio

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