Is it possible to play without pain violin or viola easily and confidently, express yourself more freely and change people’s lives with your music?

Yes! Play without pain, injuries and stage fright, and there is an all-natural solution, without drugs, physiotherapy nor surgery

I help violin & viola players play more freely, easily and happily by eliminating pain, injuries and stage fright,

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I'm sure you are a violin or viola player wishing to play more freely and happily, being able to express yourself and communicate with your audience without worrying about stage fright, pain or injuries. That's why you landed on this page.

Well, you have come to the right place.

Monica Cuneo, viola. I help violin & viola players play without pain, injuries and stage fright, more freely and confidently.I help violin & viola players play without pain, injuries and stage fright, more freely and confidently.

My name is Monica Cuneo, I am a professional viola player, teacher and coach. I was like you, I suffered from pain and, especially, stage fright.

So I know your situation as a professional violin or viola player or an advanced student. I perfectly understand it, because I myself have been playing in professional orchestras for hours and hours, for months and years and I know what it means.

I myself used to be so nervous that at exams and auditions I would not perform as well as I could. I would not dare to stand up and play just for fun for some friends or as a soloist. Now, since I have found the solution, I've been able to play in all situations: solo, recitals with piano, concertos as a soloist with orchestras and I really enjoy it.

Now I can stand up and play by heart in any situation, with no pain, no stage fright and no fear of memory lapses. You can find online some videos of me playing. You too can achieve your dream of playing more easily, happily without pain and paralyzing stage fright.

Now I help other players to play without pain and free from paralyzing stage fright using a system developed by a former child prodigy violin player and successfully tested over many years.

Failed at playing without pain?

Now I guess you probably have already tried to find a solution to these problems. Maybe you have tried one or more remedies and have been disappointed because that didn't work, really, or the relief was only temporary.

So, If you failed in the past at playing without pain, tendonitis and stage fright related to your playing, well, it's not your fault because there is a lot of information that can be very confusing or even misleading and those cures that are offered may have a positive effect but this is only temporary or limited because they generally tend to only treat the symptom (that is, the pain). The pain is the effect.

They address the effect, they do not address the real cause of the pain and nerves or are not specific for musicians, especially violin and viola players. So, it is necessary a new way of thinking and a new way of dealing with these issues, a new way of playing that eliminates the source of the problems.

Give up your playing?

Now maybe you're a bit worried or even scared that you may have to give up your playing or you may not be able to play without pain and stage fright or that you will have to constantly use medications or do surgery, but it doesn't have to be like this.

See, the cause of the pain is in your playing style, so it doesn't make sense that you do some exercises or physiotherapy or other treatments that treat your body when you are NOT playing.

This is treating the symptoms. It does have its value as an emergency, temporary solution, for example to reduce your pain, but then, when you go back to playing the usual way, you will be causing the same problem again. Instead, if it is the way you play that causes you a problem, you have to change the way you play, play in a new way.
But don't worry, you don't have to forget all you have learnt about playing.

Your dream?

I know your dream is to play violin or viola easily and confidently, be able to express yourself more freely without pain, injuries and stage fright, and change people’s lives with your music!

Start now, get in touch!

If you have decided that you want to finally change your situation, play without pain and fear, more freely, confidently, enjoying it more, if you are not looking for the solution in a magic pill but instead you are willing to commit and invest in yourself, click here to learn more or contact me and we can talk about it in depth.

Monica Cuneo helps violin & viola players play free from pain, injuries and stage fright

I help violin & viola players play freely, without pain, injuries and stage fright.
Click here to learn how

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