Here is the online workshop on the Havas New Approach
Have you read the books and have questions?

Here is the opportunity for you to get all the answers and clarifications you need.
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I've organized another online workshop or so-called webinar about the Havas New Approach, since the participants to the first one, on June 11th, said they were interested in attending more workshops.

I decided to do these online workshops because several people wrote me that they are interested in taking part in a Havas New Approach workshop but this is often not possible because of the distance.

The next workshop will be on June 11th at 8.00 pm UK time, will last about one hour and its cost is £7. Click below and follow the intructions.

If this is something new for you, do not wait until the last minute, as some people were not able to attend the previous one because they got confused about the time, payment, thought it was on skype and other reasons.


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Recommended readings to eliminate physical injuries and stage fright

Click on them to read each book's description

I translated them into Italian,
you can see them here

Stage fright
Its causes and cures

A New Approach to violin playing

A New Approach
to violin playing

The twelve lesson course

The twelve lesson

Havas New Approach
Teaching DVD
on the causes and cures of physical injuries in violin and viola playing

Havas New Approach teaching DVD. How to eliminate physical tensions and stage fright related to string playing, violin and viola in particular

With detailed exercises on the release of tension and performance anxiety

Are you a Professional Player suffering from Pain, Injury and/or Stage Fright?

Click here to learn how to play violin or viola without pain, injuries and/or stage fright

What do Hilary Hahn, Julian Lloyd Webber and Maxim Vengerov have in common?

What do Hilary Hahn, Julian Lloyd Webber and Maxim Vengerov have in common?