Kato Havas Books
on the New Approach
to string playing

in many languages

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Kato Havas books have been translated in several languages but sometimes they are not easy to find. So in this page I'll tell you where you can find and buy Kato Havas books on the New Approach.

Kato Havas is a violin and viola teacher who developed a way to teach and play to prevent and eliminate physical injuries (tendonitis, tenosynovitis, bursitis etc.) and nerves, stage fright, related to string playing. All this improves the quality of playing. If you don't know this means, read more about Kato Havas and the Havas New Approach.

Some of these Kato Havas books can be bought online or off line in music shops, for others you'll have to contact the translator directly. When you contact them, let them know you found them through this website www.monicacuneo.com.

Books in English, the original books:

  • A New Approach to violin playing
  • The twelve lesson cours
  • Stage fright - Its causes and cures

Buy New Approach books in English from US
Buy Kato Havas books from UK

Books in Italian, translated by myself:

  • Un Nuovo Approccio al violino
  • Il corso di dodici lezioni
  • La paura del pubblico - Cause e rimedi

Buy New Approach books in Italian

Books in German: click on each title to buy New Approach books

Books in Hungarian

  • Stage fright - Its causes and cures

Contact: Zsuzsanna Forsman, 1105 Budapest Harnat, Koz 9, Budapest, Hungary

Books in Swedish:

Buy New Approach books in Swedish

Books in Japanese:

  • Stage fright - Its causes and cures

Buy New Approach books in Japanese from Amazon

Books in Czech:

  • Stage fright - Its causes and cures 

Contact: Jiri and Jana Illetsko, Filipova 2016, 148 00 Praha 4, Chodov, Czech Republic

Books in Dutch:

  • Stage fright - Its causes and cures 

Contact: Gerianne Wigboldus, www.speelviool.nl

You may also be interested in the teaching video (read more), so you can buy Kato Havas teaching DVD on the prevention and cure of tendonitis and other physical injuries caused by violin and viola playing.

For violin and viola lessons, contact me, I'm based in Oxford (UK).

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