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Organize a workshop on the
New Approach by
Kato Havas?

For violin and viola

YOU Are the right person!

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Come to the workshops on the New Approach by Kato Havas. Where? When?
Organize a workshop on the New Approach by Kato Havas, have you ever thought about it? Well, think it over now!

Many people write or call me asking me whether there are workshops, or ask me to organize a workshop on the New Approach. Many are interested because they have read something here on my website, about Kato Havas, about how to play violin and viola, or because they've read books by Kato Havas such as "A New Approach to violin", or "The twelve lesson course", "Stage fright - Causes and cures", or have watched the videos on the workshop by Kato Havas or her teaching DVD and have  realized how it can be useful to improve one's playing.

If you too have become an enthusiast or are simply interested in knowing more, you could organize a workshop on the New Approach by Kato Havas in your town.

Kato Havas, due to her age, no longer travels the world as she used to do before, although she still holds short workshops in Oxford.

To me Kato Havas and her New Approach have been extremely important, that's why I want to spread the knowledge of it and I myself am available to run workshops for whoever would like to organize one, for example during a week end. For those who haven't read other pages her, I briefly remind you that I translated the 3 books by Kato Havas into Italian and since 2003 I've been living in Oxford to study with her. Furthermore, I realized the videos of the workshop that are on YouTube and distribute her teaching DVD.

Why organize a
Workshop on the New Approach

Organize a workshop dedicated to the New Approach is the ideal way to see in practice what is explained in the books and the videos, understand it better; it's possible to ask questions and everyone can play a piece of choice, meet other people and see how many problems are common to very many players. In addition, it's possible to see the positive effect on one's playing of even tiny changes, on people of every level. A workshop on the New Approach should be addressed to anyone is interested, at any level, any style and any age.

Another very good reason to organize a workshop on the New Approach is to find the way to have fun when playing! (instead of worrying, getting anxious, as it happens far too often).

How to organize a
Workshop on the New Approach
by Kato Havas in your town

To organize a workshop on the New Approach, the ideal would be to have a music school that could host it and could advertise it with its students and all other people the school can reach, through every means: e-mail, newspapers, local radios and TVs, word of mouth, etc.

If you run a music school in your town, great! You only need to decide and talk about it to the violin or viola teacher or teachers.

If you teach, violin or viola or even cello, in a school in your town, you can start talking about it to a colleague or to the director, showing them the videos and the books.

If you attend a music school to take violin lessons, or take private lessons, talking about it to your teacher, mentioning the books and the several videos and explaining why you think it would be good to organize a workshop on this so-called New Approach in your town, what improvement you have had from what you know about the New Approach.

If you are a teacher or student or professional or anyone who thinks that organizing a workshop like this would be a good idea, you only need to find suitable premises and the way to involve as many people as possible.

What's needed is a room that could accommodate at least ten or twenty people; it's not necessary to have a piano, but if there was one it could be useful in case someone wants to play accompanied. You can ask your city council to give you its support and maybe a nice room for free! It's also possible to find a local bank that gives a financial contribution, especially in small places.

Obviously you'll have to take into account all the expenses, therefore it'll be necessary to have a minimum number of about 10 participants.

Per raggiungere this target, I contribute by making a page on this website and on Facebook and by sending an invitation about the workshop to a list of people who are certainly interested having bought books or the teaching DVD or asked me for information. Indeed, many register following this invitations.

To discuss all practical details to organize a workshop on the New Approach, send me a message or call me free with skype: monicacuneo.

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