Bollywood Violinist
for your Wedding

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Looking for a Bollywood violinist for your wedding? Read here, you can have your favourite song played live on my viola, which is very much like a violin with a more mellow tone, the viola is even better! Right click to download brochure

I'm sure you have already thought about adding a special touch with live music. I’d be very happy to help you to make your wedding even more memorable.

Here you can find some ideas for musical entertainment: a list of Bollywood songs suitable for the wedding ceremony and reception, photos of some weddings and music to listen to. You'll see that a solo Bollywood violinist can fit any wedding, especially if yours is in a small venue or with a small group of guests or you don't want to spend a lot with many players.

Propose to your girlfriend

Even before your wedding, you can have music to propose to your girlfriend, or for Saint Valentine's day! Surprise her with her favourite tune, maybe in an unusual location like this one in the photo below, London's Trafalgar Square and see her reaction!

Saint Valentine's day music

Here I played for an Indian couple at The Gun in London, the historical pub with a romantic view of the river Thames, where Horatio Nelson used to go and meet Lady Emma Hamilton.

Many thanks for yesterday. You really helped make yesterday a special day for Ria and I."
Kind Regards

Saint Valentine's day music

"Monica played for me in the middle of Trafalgar Square when I proposed to my girlfriend in October. She was very professional and played beautifully. I would highly recommend her."

Andrew Norton

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