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Bollywood Songs
for your Wedding

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Looking for Bollywood songs for your wedding? Read here, you can have them played live on my viola, which is very much like a violin with a more mellow tone, the viola is even better! Right click to download a brochure or download a list of tunes.

I'm sure you have already thought about adding a special touch with live music. I’d be very happy to help you to make your wedding even more memorable.

Here you can find some ideas for musical entertainment: a list of Bollywood songs suitable for the wedding ceremony and reception, photos of some weddings and music to listen to. You'll see that this entertainment can fit any wedding, especially if yours is in a small venue or with a small group of guests or you don't want to spend a lot with many players.

Propose to your girlfriend

Even before your wedding, you can have music to propose to your girlfriend, or for Saint Valentine's day! Surprise her with her favourite tune, maybe in an unusual location like this one in the photo below, London's Trafalgar Square and see her reaction!

Propose to your girlfriend with musicHere I played for an Indian couple at The Gun in London, the historical pub with a romantic view of the river Thames, where Horatio Nelson used to go and meet Lady Emma Hamilton.

Many thanks for yesterday. You really helped make yesterday a special day for Ria and I."
Kind Regards

Music in Trafalgar Square - Propose your girlfriend

"Monica played for me in the middle of Trafalgar Square when I proposed to my girlfriend in October. She was very professional and played beautifully. I would highly recommend her."

Andrew Norton

Testimonials about my viola playing

wonderful to hear a solo viola
(& played so well)
Read more testimonials

Ghajini played at the couple's entrance
Click on the pictures to enlarge them
Wedding Bolliwood songs

Civil Asian wedding with Bollywood songs, wearing the traditional sari

Asian wedding Bolliwood songs

Another Asian wedding, in a hotel, where I played Bollywood music

Indian wedding, Bollywood songs

  Another couple's ceremony where I played wedding Bollywood songs

Which instruments
for your wedding music?

Many times, when a couple organizes its wedding, they don't know where to find musicians. Very common options for wedding music (there are many agencies providing musicians for weddings), both ceremony and reception, can be a string quartet, that is usually composed of four string players (2 violins, viola and cello, with some variations).

The down side of these is that a quartet, four players are more expensive than one and if you go with an agency they will, rightly, charge their share.

So, having considered the issues that couples face, if you are looking for some wedding music in Oxford or around it, you may want to consider a soloist playing an easily movable instrument, maybe you're looking for a violinist, so what about...

Something different

So, you'd like to have something different, unusual? Then a solo viola is the answer (most people would say "violin" when they see it). The viola has a warm, mellow tone and once you hear it you’ll love it. At your ceremony and reception you can have a variety of Bollywood songs, they sound really nice on violin or viola and I can play your favourite tune. If I don't know it, I'll learn it at no extra charge! Also being the viola a portable instrument, it can be easily moved around the venue.

Bollywood songs, Asian wedding

Asian Wedding

Click on the video to watch

List of Bollywood Songs for Indian, Asian weddings

Here are some Bollywood songs I play. You can choose your favourite ones for your wedding. So you too can have some of the Bollywood songs played on the viola. Watch the videos and listen to the original songs (they will open in a new window)

Just ask for your favourite tune, I'll play it for you!

Asian wedding, Bollywood music, violin
Bollywood songs played
at an Asian wedding

Example of civil wedding ceremony music

As the guests arrive

While your friends and family gather in the ceremony hall, I'd play some of the above songs to entertain them.

The Bridal procession

Signing of the Register


These are simply some ideas, you can choose to have the same or other songs performed at different times during the ceremony.

Bollywood violinist for Asian Wedding

Click here to book your wedding Bollywood songs or call (UK) 07985 025129.

An Indian wedding with popular Indian music, wedding Bollywood songs

Bolliwood Music for an Indian wedding
Thanks for making our wedding so special.

Asian wedding music: Bollywood violinist

Wedding Bollywood songs for other receptions

Have you ever thought about celebrating a big wedding anniversary? You could use the above ideas for a party for a 50th wedding anniversary music (or 10th, 25th...?), for example.

How much?

So you're wondering, how much are my wedding Bollywood songs going to cost me?

Minimum booking: 1 hour. My fee for wedding music in Oxford starts from only £150. However, the longer the booking, the cheaper it becomes, proportionally. Ask for details.

  • 1 hour. This is enough for the ceremony only, including music played at
    - the arrival of guests to entertain them
    - the bridal entrance
    - the signing of register
    - the recession and for some time 
    - after the celebration itself, when everybody leaves the church or the hall, congratulates the couple etc., 
    while taking photos or during a short drinks reception
    - or Drinks reception only
  • 2 hours. Ceremony + drinks reception/buffet breakfast/lunch
  • 3 hours. Ceremony + long reception

Also, if you need wedding music in Oxford or around it, by choosing a wedding musician in this area you'll save on travel expenses. I could also meet you in person to talk about final details.

Anyway, whatever your budget and the style you choose, I’d recommend you to always book professional musicians, performers who have experience and will really help you to organise your wedding music with the most suitable pieces.

After all, this is a day you’ll remember for all your life and your wedding musician will really contribute to make it more memorable.

Thanks for your visit, contact me for more information to book your Bollywood songs or call: (UK) 07985 025129

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Dear Monica,
we just wanted to thank you again for having played at our wedding, contributing to make the
ceremony such a special event!

All guests agreed that you created a fantastic atmosphere, bringing beautiful music in the room with a great performance both in terms of selection and delivery. We'd also like to thank you for having been such a nice person to talk during the pre-wedding arrangements, which gave us confidence that everything would have been good according to plans.

All the best for the future!
Kind Regards,
Cinthia & Roberto!" see email