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Workshop in Sassari on the
New Approach
to string instruments

How to play without suffering from tendonitis, aches and pains or stage fright

Come to the workshops on the New Approach by Kato Havas. Where? When?

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The workshop in Sassari on the New Approach to string instruments, based on Kató Havas' works, took place on last Friday 20 and Saturday 21 April 2012, at the Conservatoire of Music Luigi Canepa. This too was a great occasion, with a good number of participants, with students alternating to reconcile their other school commitments. Some were able to attend the workshop in Sassari for the whole two days, others for less time. Thanks a lot to all participants and to the organizers.

The workshop in Sassari on the New Approach was open to conservatoire students of the stringed instruments department, in particular violinists and violists, although the department included also other instruments.

Participants at the Havas New Approach workshop in Sassari As already said, many principles of the New Approach can be applied also to other instruments and so we had a mixed attendance that included students of various levels: several violinists, two cellists, one harpist, two pianists as well as some teachers.

Among those principles that can be applied also to everybody, that of playing "from inward outwards", that is, with the movements originating not from the fingers but from the centre of the person, from the shoulders, starting with the rhythmic pulse throughout the body; the elimination of physical  blockages and how to do this; the exceptional importance of singing a piece of music with the rhythmic pulse and the imagination before playing it, that changes completely the way one plays it later. Here too everyone was able to experience on himself and see in all the others the "before" and "after". We also saw that singing the intervals before playing them helps with the intonation.

Toward the end of the two days also a group of wind instrument players arrived, who had finished an orchestra rehearsal. So we had someWind players, participants at the Havas New Approach workshop in Sassari small groups (from 2 to 5 instrument) who played. Then they sang before playing again the same piece and we saw that the ensemble playing, intonation and tone quality improved.
The good thing of having such a mixed group of participants is that everyone can see that nearly everybody has the same problems and that the application of the New Approach principles can be of benefit at all levels!

As Kato Havas says, the New Approach concepts are unbelievably simple: the use of natural movements, not forced ones, playing with our head, not with the fingers. This doesn't mean that can be acquired in one week, it takes some time to be able to put them into practice completely, but they can be learned in a short time.

Information on the New Approach and Kató Havas, with videos of a workshop

Some students' comments

I've rediscovered the pleasure of playing and conveying the intentions of the composer who wrote the piece. Through the harp I can bring out the "gift" of music that musicians have. (harp)

This course was very useful for me because I've realized that it is possible to play without fear but with the pleasure of emphasizing what the composer wrote. From today on, I want to put much more of my interpretation and play for me and for the audience. Thank you!!! (violin)

I'm happy I followed this workshop because, thanks to it, I've learned not to worry about other people's judgment, but to play for me and for the audience, just for the pleasure of doing it. Thank you (violin)

See you at the next occasion!

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Participants at the Havas New Approach workshop in Sassari, at the "Luigi Canepa" Conservatoire of Music
The "Luigi Canepa" Conservatoire of Music of  Sassari

The presentation of the workshop in Sassari
Presentation of the Havas New Approach workshop in Sassari

Participants at the workshop in Sassari
Harpist at the Havas New Approach workshop in Sassari

Cello player at the Havas New Approach workshop in Sassari

Participants at the Havas New Approach workshop in Sassari

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