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#1 Blues Buster… Can be Free
And It’s Proven to Work!

How music can help you survive the recession, a few tips on how to Beat The Recession Blues With Music

(It sounds like a song title...)

I decided to do this page because with this I mean to say that we need to maintain our sanity, not only listen to all the bad news about how bad everything is and will be. Sure, there are problems but what’s the point of weeping all the time? We need to find solutions.

Music can be helpful in this recession times because, as everybody knows, music helps us feel better, gives energy and a purpose and when we feel better we want to live and do things, we are more able to find new solutions to our problems, so once you beat the recession blues with music you'll be more optimistic and active in all everyday activities.

What could you do with music, just listen to it?

That would be a start. Consider how many how hours of recession and other bad news we listen to every day. I think that after all this depressing information, rather than taking antidepressants or other drugs maybe to sleep, you should spend at least the same amount of time listening to your favourite music and you’ll sure feel better. It could be some lively, energetic music in the morning to start the day and relaxing music in the evening. To relax I’d recommend to listen to music without other distractions, without doing other things, just sit quietly, forget everything else, enjoy the music and relax.

Is there any particular type of music that I can recommend?

Bach: Brandenburg Concertos I think any type of music is good as long as you like it and it makes you feel better. A lot of people think classical music is relaxing, so if you’re not used to listen to classical music, try it, with slow works like Bach’s Air on the G string or Pachelbel’s Canon, Beethoven Moonlight sonata or Pastoral symphony. However, it can be also very energetic, try the fast movements of great and popular works such as Bach's Brandenburg Concertos, I love the 3rd one, Beethoven's Symphonies with the powerful Ode to joy form the Symphony No 9 "Choral", Beethoven: Symphony No 9Handel’s Alleluiah, and funny Rossini’s opera ouvertures. Mozart makes me feel really light and in peace, my favourite work is the sinfonia concertante (see my video below) for violin, viola and orchestra, so Vivaldi with his world  famous seasons. Here you can find with a list of works I recommend. Now with internet it’s easy to find this great music, on Youtube for example you can search and find all the pieces I mentioned (I myself put some videos of me playing) and it’s free.

Music can help in many in many other ways

There is nothing like music to make life nicer and nothing is better than live music. The best thing to do is to get active, so another way to beat the recession blues with music is actually make music. If you can play an instrument you should take it out of the closet where you put it long ago, tune it and start playing it again. You can fin a local band or orchestra and join it. if you cannot play you may be able to sing and can find and join a local choir. If you think you cannot do either, you can still be the audience for your friends and enjoy their music, or you can help music organizations to prepare shows, charity events, even private home entertainment. This makes us feel useful. The important thing is to not sit down and stare at the disaster but do something. Also being involved with music it’s a very good way to meet a lot of new people and make friends and all this doesn’t cost much.

How can you find the right local bands and groups to make your event a success?

Internet is a very good way and fast, a lot of musicians and groups have their own websites. You need to search for the words musicians, entertainers, performers in your area and the type of music you like, you’ll find also entertainment agencies with all sorts of performers. You can also go to your local library, in the music section if there is one, look for concert ads, write down the group name and phone number and ask them if they are available for private entertainment or if they know anyone who is, otherwise you can put your own little ad. Libraries often keep lists of music teachers and performers. In addition to libraries, other good places to find and place ads are music shops, ask people who work there if they know someone, in most cases they are musicians or are connected with them. Ask music schools (also all schools have music teachers) if their teachers are willing to play; ask even in churches, they usually have at least an organist and may know of other musicians. Also try and look for performers in all those places where people meet, community clubs, gyms. You can even bump into some very good buskers (street performers), ask them if they are available (usually they are) and keep their business card or contact details.

I play the viola, what’s the difference between viola and violin?

The viola is bigger and has a lower, deeper, mellow sound. When they hear it, most people say they prefer it to the violin. I’ve done a whole website to explain the peculiarity of the viola, viola-in-music.com, listen to a sample in this video of mine (and with the violin, in the previous one).

I mentioned private home entertainment, do you provide this?

I’ve played several times in homes for birthday dinners, garden parties or
someone who simply wanted to have some live music to offer their friends something different. You could do the same, either by playing yourself for and with your friends or by inviting a musician to play for you to help you beat the recession blues with music.

How to organize home entertainment for the ultimate experience?

Many folks in these days choose to stay home and have friends and family over rather than go out to a pricy meal, but it’s possible to continue to have a good time, with a special night of entertainment by utilizing many musicians who are happy and willing to come to your home and perform, and the cost is reasonable. You and a group of friends can organise a “bring & share” home made meal at one of your homes, invite a musician or another entertainer and share the expense for the entertainment. With a quite large group each of your friends will spend less than for a meal out and you’ll have your unique event. For home entertainment the musicians should be able to play without amplification and if you have neighbours it’s better to have your home entertainment not later than 10 pm or on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. See with the musicians whether they can play some tunes that you and your friends know and like, you could even join and sing along, if you wish!

How to check on quality of performers or risk having your event end up a "sour note"?

This is very easy, ask them if they have any recording, such as a CD or videos, nowadays many have videos on youtube, and especially a live performance can give you the real feeling of how they’d sound. You can also ask them whether they have any forthcoming performance where you could see them. Always speak to them personally, over the phone, not only through emails, to know them as persons and see whether you’d like to have them in your home to entertain you. Ask about their former experiences, if they can provide some references, like reviews or previous clients’ positive comments, emails.

How do you negotiate reasonable fees?

First of all it’s better to contact the performers directly, rather than through an agency. When you negotiate the fee with your musician or other entertainer you have to keep in mind that the performer’s fee it’s not only for that hour they perform, it’s based on the time they had to spend to prepare it. Find performers in your area, so you won’t be charged for travel expenses. Then it’s better to book them for two hours, it’s not going to cost you double than one hour. You could also offer the performer to book them in advance for two events, to get a better price, then if you’re happy you could even offer to organise a regular series of entertainment evenings, like every fortnight at a different friend’s homes. To avoid misunderstandings with your performer, make sure you have some sort of written agreement, either a proper contract or an email with all the details you agreed upon, such as date, time and place, duration of the performance, type of music played, performer’s contact details, fee agreed. Some performers may ask you to make an advance payment to confirm your booking, ask them.

What is the best music for an occasion? It really does matter!

Here it depends on your tastes: ask your friends what music they’d prefer, choose whether you want a relaxing evening or a lively, energetic night of tango or folk dances and then ask the musicians what they play and if they can play one of your favourite tunes. With some notice this should be possible in many cases. Anyway, a nice mix of lively and more reflexive, relaxing music is always ideal, with some well known and less known pieces. Variety is what makes a performance interesting.

How many people make the ideal group? Too many or too few can result in disaster

This really depends on the place and the number of listeners, in an average home, with ten to twenty listeners, you can’t really have more than one to three performers. If you have a large space or a garden, you can book a band of ten or more players. Generally, the bigger the band, the bigger your group of friends has to be, of course.

What do I offer now to Beat The Recession Blues With Music?

I’m offering a special deal to anyone not very far from the area where I live. Groups of friends can organize an evening (or other time) together at somebody’s home and share the expenses for music entertainment. I guarantee it will be cheaper than a simple meal out and more uplifting. We can choose the music together, and if any of them can play or sing we could play together. In exchange I also ask for testimonials for my website.

What type of music can be played?

I play classical and British folk music, opera arias, from Bach to Vivaldi, Bernstein, Mozart, Puccini, to Danny Boy and Auld lang syne, a variety of styles and moods.

Can people listen to some samples of viola music you play?

Of course, in addition to the previous ones in this page, you can watch more videos here.

How can you contact me?

You can send me a message from this website or call 07985 025129

Recommended music

Find here some music I recommend, click on the link you prefer to straight there: relaxing music, powerful energetic music and even ringtones for your mobile

Relaxing music

Here's another video of mine and then some Mp3 files, listen to them, you can get 25 free

Splendeurs du Siecle Baroque - Bach, Albinoni, Palchabel, Mozart, Marcello, et al.

Splendeurs du Siecle Baroque - Bach, Albinoni, Palchabel, Mozart, Marcello, et al.

The Art of Nikolai Golovanov: Bach - Air from Orchestral Suite No. 3

Bach: The famous Air on the G string from Orchestral Suite No. 3 played with cellos, unusual!

Pachelbel: Canon and other Baroque Favorites

Pachelbel: Canon and other Baroque Favorites , Bach, Vivaldi

Pachelbel Canon (original version) and other 17th century music for three violins

Pachelbel Canon (original version) and other 17th century music for three violins

Celestial Mozart For Relaxation

Celestial Mozart For Relaxation

Celestial Mozart For Relaxation Vol. II

Celestial Mozart For Relaxation Vol. II

Mozart's Sleepytime Music Box

Mozart's Sleepytime Music Box

Mozart's Quiet Playtime Music

Played on an unusual instrument, lovely

Mozart's Quiet Playtime Music

Moonlight time with Beethoven

A collection of relaxing music both for solo piano and orchestra

Beethoven: Moonlight sonata, Pastoral symphony, Piano concertos
Moonlight time with Beethoven

Beethoven: Symphonies No. 6 Pastorale & Leonore Overture No. 3

A serene and at the same time powerful work

Beethoven: Symphony No. 6 Pastorale & Leonore Overture No. 3



MOZART : The best of Mozart

MOZART : The best of Mozart

Powerful energetic music

Much more effective than coffee in the morning!

Beethoven: Symphonies No. 5 & No. 7

Beethoven's most famous composition, the fifth Symphony

Beethoven: Symphonies No. 5 & No. 7

Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 1-9

Beethoven: Symphonies Nos. 1-9

Vivaldi : Four Seasons, Bach : Concerto for Two Violins and Strings

Listen also to the sublime second movement of Bach's concerto here

Vivaldi: Four Seasons, Bach: Concerto for Two Violins and Strings


If you need an extra dose of good music at any time, download it and keep it on you mobile! Here are a few.

Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 - Allegro Moderato

Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 - Allegro Moderato

Orchestral Suite No2 in B minor

Orchestral Suite No2 in B minor

Fur Elise

Beethoven, Symphonie Nr.5

Symphonie Nr.5

Monica Cuneo is a professional musician, for over twenty years has been playing the viola in symphonic and opera orchestras, quartets and in solo performances. She also loves playing folk music and enjoys performing at private events because of the closer contact with the listeners.

Monica has also created a website about the viola, has translated three books about string playing and is a passionate violin and viola teacher. Monica likes to share some valuable information about this important subject.

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How to contact me? Send me a message from this website or call 07985 025129